4 reasons to chose me as your therapist

Do you want to :

1-to be accompanied in an interactive therapeutic relationship combining competence, transparency, empathy and sensitivity?

2-to find the resources to transform your unsatisfactory repetitive patterns in your current life?

3-to be able to discover your needs in relationship?

4-to be supported in realizing your full potential, both at work and in your personal life?

Perhaps it is my support as a specialist in relationships assistance that you are looking for!

Holder of a professional training diploma in relationships assistance using  the CNDA ™ approach from the Centre de Relation d’Aide de Montréal ™, I am known for:

-my great ability to listen in a caring manner

-my empathy

-my non-judgmental welcome

-my authenticity in relationship

With my experience as an educator, just like the creator of the CNDA ™ approach, Colette Portelance, I gently shed light on your life thanks to:

-my ease in communicating

-my rational and emotional strengths

All of this with the goal of helping you identify your functionings and needs in order to support you in regaining the power over your life!

This is what sets me apart:

I am also the founder of the website Femmesansenfant.com intended, since 2012, to make known to the general public the experiences of people without children by choice or by circumstances. I am proud to now be able to accompany people without children in the quest for meaning in their lives, towards acceptance of the unplanned nature of their existence, without children.

The CNDA™ way may be the substantially perfect approach for you!

An approach:

-that is humanistic and relational

-that respects the types of intelligences

-that allows you to find your resources to transform your unsatisfactory functioning into more satisfying functioning

-that gives access to the process of calming unpleasant emotions

Therapies in person or by video conference throughout the world

Contact me today at:


To the great privilege to meet you and to be in contact with you!

Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle

TRA,  Therapist for Relationship Assistance ™

Picture credits: Mélanie Martineau