Discover Paula Coston and what we have in common…

Paula Coston and I met for the first time on March 8th, 2014 at the Wow Festival on the Southbank of London. She was cheerfully dressed with a stylish red coat and a felt hat. Even though we had only been chatting a couple of times on the net, she welcomed me warmly.

“..She is a 59 years- old childless- not -by- choice woman, one-time book publisher, freelance journalist and educator in schools. She also blogs for The Not Nom, Life Without Baby and  Mumsnet…”(1)

When we met for a one on one supper, overlooking the Thames, on the night of March 8th, we discovered we had something in common. Of course, we knew we were both childless. But there was more going on. You will discover what, through this interview we did together.

 If you enjoyed watching this interview and would like to know more about Paula Coston, note that she will be launching her new novel called On the Far Side, There’s a Boy, on June 25th, 2014. “…It treats a woman’s childlessness and singledom in a magical realist way…”

You can read Paula Coston on her blog called “Boy Woman” or follow her on Twitter. She is also a collaborator for Huffington Post, UK:

Order right here the book On the Far Side, There’s a Boy