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Welcome to my new Website!

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My story :

At 14, not experiencing puberty, I learned that I had unexplained amenorrhea: I had no eggs. I was prescribed annovulants that triggered my puberty In 6 months. I took possession of my new female body while repressing the fact that I could never have biological children.

Living up to the age of 35 while mourning, I join an American support group for women like me. Then something clicked when this adventure ended: I had to share my experience with other women and make their stories heard.

This led to the creation of my blog,, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! My existential quest to be seen, heard and recognized has gradually metamorphosed into a deep desire to help women like me, without children.

I became a TRA, Therapist for Relationship AssistanceTM in 2021 and I now accompany, listen to and validate the experiences of childless women around the world while equipping them to regain the power over their lives.

I am touched to say that I am now living a life very different from what I had imagined but rich in relationships and creations in the suburbs of Montreal, Canada with my two cats.

Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle

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